I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday! Today is another Quest of Fire Friday, and as promised here is the cover and some fast facts on the next book in the QUEST OF FIRE saga:


Book Number: 4

Release Date: September 13, 2022

Back Cover: While Anargen, Caeserus, and Bertinand are held captive in Stormridge, the war to restore Ecthelowall’s Commonwealth has been waged for months. Their friend Terrillian is on its frontline and hopes are high.

For Barons Fenwrest and Sornfold, the fight is too close to their children, whose union represents the only viable challenge to the Monarchists’ claim to Ecthelowall’s ancient throne. Enter Thomas Fenwrest, an orphan and page to Sir Hurstwell, who is captain of Baron Fenwrest’s guard. The pair must escort the teens to Castle Yerst expecting boredom to be their only danger. Everything quickly spirals out of control when the Monarchists somehow deliver a devastating blow to the Restoration army and Thomas and Sir Hurstwell face the increasingly difficult task of keeping their charges alive. Ancient sorcery and bitter grudges combine to ensnare them. As desperation sets in for the Restoration and Thomas, to where will they turn for hope?

I’m probably biased, but I think the publisher’s artist did an incredible job with the cover! In the center there is symbol of Tislatna, which those of you who have read all the books to this point know is the fallen civilization from which many of the darker elements of the Lowlands trace their origins. The swamp in the background is from one of the book’s key settings, the Isle of Geists. More details on the components of the cover will have to wait till the book’s release. 😉

This is the second QUEST OF FIRE novella and set during the Middle Era (Anargen’s era) events of SHADOWS AT NIGHFALL. It introduces a fresh cast of characters while telling what has become of some major characters already in the series. What makes this book stand out is it’s a lynchpin for the entire series. There are references to all of the previous entries and sets up the stories for both eras in the subsequent books. Crucially, it reveals the primary villain at work in the series. Much of what has happened so far from the standpoint of the bad guys has been effectively puppetry, but this book reveals the dark force driving the rest.

AND capping off a heart-wrenching and sweeping tale is a special treat after the book’s end. A bonus chapter that includes a look into Modern Era (Jason’s era) are up to after the events of SHADOWS AT NIGHTFALL before the next major entry in the series.

So, not to sound too salesy, but you really need to snag the other books in the series while they’re on MAJOR sale at Amazon:

I’m still running the special offer of a signed book plate for any books bought and will also send a digital copy of the western world map poster.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the cover for the latest book in the QUEST OF FIRE!


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