This week I have a slew of exciting new things to share! Strictly speaking this isn’t going to be solely about QUEST OF FIRE, as the chart below outlines my publishing schedule (as it stands now) to 2025!


September 13, 2022 – QUEST OF FIRE: DESPERATION   (Book #4/Novella #2)

September 20, 2022 – DAY MOON re-release

October 18, 2022 – VEILED SUN re-release

October 25, 2022 – THE NEAR DISTANT novella collection

December 2022 – QUEST OF FIRE  short story


July 4, 2023 – SILENT STARS (TOMORROW’S EDGE Book #3)

September 26, 2023 – QUEST OF FIRE Book #5/Novel #3



September 17, 2024 – QUEST OF FIRE Book #6/Novella #3


September 16, 2025 – QUEST OF FIRE Book #7/Novel #4

As you can tell, this year looks pretty busy in the back half with releases, which means the first half was also the busiest in a long time. The first major takeaway from the schedule above is that the entire QUEST OF FIRE series is contracted and has release dates set! That also means deadlines are set, so please keep me in your prayers. Thankfully I’ve got the series plotted out to the end, but the Lord is always showing me new valleys to explore between those story peaks, so I’m hopeful that I don’t procrastinate and give the time needed to explore each twist and turn through the Lowlands to its fullest.

The next big thing of note on this is something I’ve kept to myself till now. For those of you who are fans of my dystopian, sci-fi TOMORROW’S EDGE series there was some serious anxiety for me earlier this year when its publisher, Clean Reads, announced its closure. I was really worried the series would get cut off before I could release the final book in that series. Thankfully my QUEST OF FIRE publisher, Expanse Books, offered to pick up the series and republish the first two titles and release the third and final title, SILENT STARS. I’m working on that manuscript right now and for those who know how harrowing a ride VEILED SUN was, it only gets more intense from there. More to come on that later and coming soon, reveals of the new covers for DAY MOON and VEILED SUN!

Last on my list of updates for today is the novella I’m contributing to THE NEAR DISTANT collection. It’s a book of three novellas that tell sci-fi stories about three friends who are transported to different worlds after encountering a mysterious obelisk in the woods. My novella that I refer to as BY FAR AND AWAY tells Tyler’s story. He is dropped onto a world that looks like a utopia but holds a very dark secret. After years trapped on this other world, Tyler has all but given up hope of making it home. In fact, he’s all but given up on living, until he uncovers the secret that world’s super AI couldn’t see and which threatens billions of lives.

For those who want to get ready for QUEST OF FIRE’s future releases, the paperbacks of SUCCESSION and SHADOWS AT NIGHTFALL are under $3.25 each! Grab them now:

Anyone who does can contact me through my website or social media and I’ll mail you a customized bookplate for each book purchased.


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