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Genres: Christian, Epic/High Fantasy

Release Date: TBA 2019

Son of the Northern Realm’s Defender, raised among the dwarfs of Ordumair, Meredoch was anticipated to succeed his father. Some whispered he would bring the longed for peace between Ordumair and their ancient foe, Ecthelowall. All of that changes when Ordumair’s Thane is killed and Meredoch and his family are exiled. From prestige to poverty, the young boy must chart a new course. As the years pass and the idol that was his father’s legacy tarnishes, his past threatens to resurface. An artifact of immeasurable worth to Ordumair is found and if recovered by the cruel Elder Ulster it means disaster for those Meredoch cares about. Facing creatures he believed only myths and racing Ulster’s minions to the prize, Meredoch must face the truth of his place in the world and claim his right of succession.



Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Supernatural

There wasn’t much point going on in archaeologist Steven Lee’s eyes. Having devoted his life to seeking a genuine city on which the legends of El Dorado were based, he lost the one thing he couldn’t live without—his wife. Everything fell apart. That is until he stumbles on a centuries old journal at a dig site. Now all the pieces of his past work suddenly begin aligning and he can almost see his dreams breaking into reality. Steven has to move quickly though. A rival is on to him and could steal everything. He must risk everything to follow the trail to its end. There a mysterious forest shelters secrets far more dangerous to Steven and the world than the fabled lost city.




Genres: Christian, Epic/High Fantasy

For centuries, coffins floated up on the shores of Tiqwah without answers. Esaias, the eminent man of science is well aware of the thousand stories that have grown up to answer why. When a few caskets per year becomes hundreds within days, the ruling council of Tiqwah charges Esaias and their best sailors to travel across the mysterious reaches of the sea. No one has sailed beyond Tiqwah’s barrier islands, much less the Sea of Mists. What lays beyond will strain Esaias’s understanding of his world and threaten everything he holds dear. Beyond the seas they discover the continent of Zarim and an empire of millions unknown to Tiqwah. Every single one is doomed to die, and Esaias with them, if he cannot unravel the mystery of the dead of Zarim.


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