A Light Undimmed (DQR Novella)

A Light Undimmed cover art


Emperor Diocletian’s edicts to purge Christian influence from the Empire are exacting a brutal cost. Three men on very different paths find themselves caught in the web of schemes–one a coward, one a traitor, and one a spy. All must race to stop the plot of an ambitious senator before Rome’s church is cut down around them. They must take care, however, lest they find themselves playing into the Senator’s hands. While others are in hiding, their actions will define whether Rome sinks into shadows or the light there burns undimmed.



When I wrote Destitutio Quod Remissio, I envisioned it as a single, self-contained story. After it was published I was overwhelmed by the positivity readers showed my first novel, and I wanted to write something more, so I began composing a companion novella as a sort of “thank you” to the supportive readers out there. At first I planned to release the novella in serialized installments. That didn’t work out with each installment taking increasingly longer to release. Weeks became months, months became years. A Light Undimmed sat almost finished during that time as I completed my other published novels and began a slew of other stories. Over the years, the Lord has kept this story on my heart. Perhaps because I can relate so much with the struggles of its three flawed protagonists. Why now is the right time, I can’t say, the Lord just keeps bringing it back to me. So, soon–Lord willing–the stories of Antonius, Trajan, and Maximus will be completed and shared as a single book. Their stories are concurrent with the events of Destitutio Quod Remissio. Marcus and other major characters from the novel make appearances and there are several points where the two books intersect. My prayer is it challenges and encourages readers to “keep their lamps burning” and to continue to “shine as lights in the world”.


Antonius and Valeria

Antonius and Valeria in a dark underground passage


Trajan hiding behind crates listening in secretly on a conversation


Maximus and Senator Publicus having a conversation in the senator's villa

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