Back with Big News

It’s been quite some time since I posted on here. It hasn’t been for lack of interest. I wrote at least ten posts that have never made it onto here for varying reasons. Among the things keeping me busy, I’ve completed a contemporary, supernatural adventure novel titled All Their Guilty Stains. I’m hoping a publisher currently reviewing it decides to publish it. I also started a new fantasy duology. I haven’t written much on it yet, but you can check out the premise for The Dead of Zarim on my Works In Progress page. I’m also finishing up edits to Day Moon‘s sequel.

By far, the biggest thing that has consumed my time writing-wise is the upcoming debut of my epic fantasy series QUEST OF FIRE. Book 1, The Gathering Dark releases April 25th. That’s just two months away! I’ve teased at it and a novella in the series, to release soon after, on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, but not shared anything here. So, here’s some teaser sketches from the world of QUEST OF FIRE. They’re pretty quick ones I made up and all are important characters within the book. Hereafter, I should be sending out updates about Quest of Fire, along with some of my normal posts, more frequently, so check back often, and let me know in the comments below if you want to come along with me and #JoinTheQuestOfFire.

Ecthel Honor Guard from Quest of Fire: The Gathering Dark by Brett Armstrong.
A member of the honor guard to the Viceroy of Ecthelowall.


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