It has definitely been a bit since my last post. For those who follow my social media accounts, you know I first broke silence last week when the novella I submitted for The Near Distant novella collection was announced to be a finalist for a Selah Award this year! I had planned to share that day what I have today, but that news definitely took precedence. If you haven’t yet, go check out the new The Near Distant page on this site:


It has some info about the collection and the novella I submitted, plus links to read the prologue and first chapter of each novella in the collection for free.

That being said, on to my delayed big news… at the end of February, I submitted the manuscript for the final book in the Tomorrow’s Edge series to the publisher! For those of you who have been reading and waiting ever since the release of Day Moon—the story of digital deceit and the quest to restore the truth played out against a deceptively tranquil near future dystopian backdrop—it’s coming to its conclusion! And what a conclusion it turned out to be. The series is filled with twists and turns, betrayals, and an engrossing look at a world not so different from our own. This entry lives up to its predecessors and has some surprises that have been waiting in the wings since Book 1 and completes the arcs for the major characters. It also includes culmination of the thematic meaning embedded in the series title, Tomorrow’s Edge, along with some heart-wrenching moments.

Not to leave everyone on a cliff, but it also represents the answer to a question that I’ve pondered as a writer for a long time: Can a dystopian story have a happy ending? It’s something I’ve struggled with as I came to love the characters and series. I can’t look up at the sky and see the moon in the day without feeling the call to return to the story world of Day Moon, Veiled Sun, and, now, Silent Stars. But at the same time, does a dystopian story resonate the same way if everything turns out okay in the end?  

There will be more info coming soon, along with a cover reveal, but I do have one other unfortunate bit of news to give now. Originally the release was planned for July 4, 2023. Because it took longer than planned to finish the book, it’s now set to come out Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Still this year, but two months later. I hope you find it worth the wait and the story as deep and rich and sweeping and challenging and encouraging as I did while writing it.

For those new to the series, here are some links to check out the first two entries in Tomorrow’s Edge and read their first chapters free:



For those who have hung with me the whole time. As I mentioned, more is to come along with some special things for those who have enjoyed the series most.

And for everyone who has read this far, thank you for stopping by, and may the Lord bless and be with always.


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