Today is a pretty special day! Veiled Sun is re-releasing today and it feels fantastic getting to hold it in my hands again.

When the publisher for Tomorrow’s Edge closed earlier this year, I was especially sad because Veiled Sun had only released in January 2020. With how intense work was during the pandemic’s peak, it didn’t (and still doesn’t) even feel like it had been two years.

I feel really guilty about how little I did to get out word for this book. But I was so swamped during that time period; some days getting up, starting work, finishing work, and going back to bed with almost nothing in between. The amount of effort and time for marketing this book is definitely inversely proportional to how much it means to me.

It’s really ironic that I got to work so little on spreading word about it, because I definitely put in a lot of work on edits and trying to make it everything the Lord laid on my heart. In fact, I discovered what an ocular migraine is from working late into the early morning hours to complete the edits for it. Veiled Sun has been called a “rollercoaster ride” and a “heart-stopping adventure from start to finish”. It’s filled with “romance”, “suspense”, “adventure”, and left one reader with a summary of “Wow.”

But most important, readers also caught on that in the midst of plot twists and Shakespearean betrayals is the steady reminder that “God is always near.” Perseverance amidst great suffering and strife is central to the story and how Elliott clings to his faith to survive all the storms that come his way really makes the story something more than just another dystopian novel.

I don’t normally gush about the things I write like this, but I really feel blessed that the Lord gave me this story. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll give Veiled Sun a chance and find it as touching and impactful an adventure as while reading it as I did writing it.




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