I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, but welcome to the first Tomorrow’s Edge Tuesday! As you might have guessed, I’m going to try to become at least somewhat consistent about posting on Tuesday things related to my dystopian sci-fi Tomorrow’s Edge series. Day Moon, Veiled Sun, and Book 3 news; article links and takes related to tech in the real world that appears or is precursor to what’s in Tomorrow’s Edge, and artwork, behind the scenes, and personal meditations from the series. This is super ambitious for me, because consistent posting isn’t my forte and right now I’m under some major deadlines. Which I guess is a good segue into today’s major news…


I’ve kept kind of quiet about it, but a few months ago, the publisher for Tomorrow’s Edge, Clean Reads, announced it was closing. As you can probably guess I was pretty crestfallen. Tomorrow’s Edge had lost its publishing home. I haven’t yet tried indie publishing, so that made me super anxious. Should I try sending it to another publisher with two out three books already published? Would anyone want it?

 I prayed about it some and drafted a query letter to my publisher for Quest of Fire, Expanse Books. Linda the owner has always been a huge supporter of speculative fiction and the parent house, Scrivenings Press, had even celebrated Veiled Sun being a Selah finalist in 2021. Expanse has been really good to me, so I thought it would be a good fit. I sent the letter and waited and prayed some more.

Well, this is my announcement that Linda and Expanse said yes! Over the past several months we’ve been quietly working on a new release of Day Moon for September 20th and a new release of Veiled Sun for October 18th! So, here is the new cover art for Day Moon:

It’s been five years since Day Moon released so in that time there are some things I’ve wanted to tweak and tighten. I didn’t want to change it too much though because it’s a story I loved. Expanse was gracious enough to support me on that as well. There will be more about both re-releases including Veiled Sun‘s cover art coming soon. But first, the next bit of big news…


For those of you who have patiently waited on the conclusion to Elliott, Lara, and John’s quest to stop Project Alexandria’s sinister manipulations, thank you so much! I know the normal publishing schedule for series these days is a year per book. While I’ve been blessed to meet that so far with Quest of Fire, Tomorrow’s Edge has had a rockier road to walk and really needed that extra time to steep in me. But now is the time to let you all know that Silent Stars, the concluding entry in the series was also picked up by Expanse Books and is set to release July 4, 2023!

Which means I need prayers, because I have two huge deadlines looming, as both Silent Stars and Book #5 in Quest of Fire are supposed to release in 2023. I’ve done multiple books in a year before, but that was a novel and novella at opposite ends of the calendar and for this year two novellas. This will be two full length, sweeping, action and intrigue, and deeply resonant novels months apart. Am I insane? Sure looks that way. But the Lord has been with me along my writing and publishing journey from the start, and I’m going to lean on Him. Because in my weakness and insufficiency, He is strong and able to do more in me than I could ever hope on my own.

So, please keep me in your prayers. And check back often. Lord willing, there will be lots more to come for Tomorrow’s Edge, Quest of Fire, and some other things TBA…


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