Reflecting on Fathers


With tomorrow being Father’s Day it has me reflecting on how fathers appear in my stories. One of my favorite lines in Veiled Sun is Grandpa McIntyre remembering his son Alverson who died getting him secret intel on Project Alexandria.


When I wrote that I was thinking how no matter how old my little one gets, I’ll always see that in him.

Indiana Jones and his fatherIn other fiction stories, I have to say my favorite father-child relationship is Indiana Jones and his dad in The Last Crusade. The movie is one of each discovering each other and reconciling and has always resonated with me even though I can honestly say I’ve been blessed to never have a serious quarrel with my dad.

Of course my favorite story of a parent and child is the truest story, of God the Father and Christ Jesus the Son looking from eternity past to the moments that demarcate all of mankind’s history and from the Fall to the Cross to the reunion with Him that lasts to the farthest reaches of Eternity to come and finding the price to paid worth it and beginning His Creation. I cannot escape the awe and wonder of such a thing as I consider my own son and my own role as a father.

I hope everyone reading this, whether a father or child, has a blessed and joy filled Father’s Day. If you like, feel free to share your favorite father story, fictional or real.

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