It’s About Time (Quest of Fire Friday)

A forest path in Autumn

Welcome to the first #QuestOfFireFriday! Each week I plan to post facts about the Lowlands, the world of the Quest of Fire series. For the first week I thought I would tell you a little about the months and eras of the Lowlands.


ArE: Archaic | Creation of the Lowlands till the High King’s first coming

ME: Middle  | The High King’s first coming to the Second Battle of Kirke

AuE: August (Modern)| The Second Battle of Kirke till the end of the Lowlands

Jason lives in the August Era, in a society like western civilizations at the turn of the Twentieth Century. There are cars, steam engines, telegraph, etc. When he goes into the Black River Inn, it’s like taking a trip back in time. The Storyteller lends to that feeling by telling about Anargen and his quest.

Anargen lived about 400 years before Jason in the Middle Era. A world much different from Jason’s, it is most like the early years of our Age of Enlightenment. Feudal life and ways are fading, gunpowder has changed warfare, and nations are forming. But there are pockets of the world where this newness isn’t felt, where life is slow and oblivious to the major shifts in technology and culture that will change the Lowlands indefinitely. Anargen grew up in such a place, Black River. When he leaves home, his eyes are opened in many ways. He sees what the world is becoming even as he is discovering who he must become to complete the Quest of Fire.


Both strands of Quest of Fire: The Gathering Dark take place during four months. Since this world exists separate from ours, I didn’t want to use the Gregorian calendar names for months. Below is a little chart mapping the month names from the book to our Gregorian months and the inspiration behind each name choice.

Lowlands Month

Gregorian Month




Gladiolous is August’s birth flower



A meteor shower which regularly occurs in September



Old English for “full moon”



Autumn/harvest in Irish Gaelic


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