“The King Has Returned”

  Today I got to watch a favorite movie from my childhood with my little boy, The Lion King.  In interest of full disclosure, he’s still a little young for it and ended up playing a lot and occasionally looking up at it.  I was glued to it though.  There’s something stirring about some of... Continue Reading →

A Pest’s Perspective

Today I read that verse and I think I felt more of its significance than on other casual reads. To explain, I have to digress a little, so stay with me on this. I read this famous passage shortly after I discussed the mole problem I have at my house with my mom. To give... Continue Reading →

What is Good Enough?

I saw a video recently where Ravi Zacharias answered a student at Yale’s question, which was essentially, “Why can’t I just do good? Why do I have to become a Christian?” And Ravi Zacharias answered the question, but I feel like he over-complicated it or at least expressed it in a more esoteric or indirect... Continue Reading →

What You Can Learn From Wingdings Font

The other day I was playing around and typed “JESUS” in various fonts and, of course, gave in to the temptation to see the Wingdings font version.  Surprisingly, I found the eclectic character set has some pretty deep meaning to be attached to how it represents my Savior’s name: (J) : There is joy in... Continue Reading →

Treason & Reason

On Twitter I follow Christianity Today and recently there have been a series of articles on the site around the topic of the “Benedict Option”.  This refers to the proposition put forth by an article run in their magazine’s March edition that suggests Christians should wash their hands of western culture and withdraw to isolated... Continue Reading →

A Quick Look

I’ve been keeping pretty tight-lipped about my new book, Day Moon, and went over a hundred different (and somewhat dorky) ways to announce this, but I'm opting for the minimalist approach.  So, in TWO WEEKS, on March 28th, Day Moon will be released.  For all those interested, here is a synopsis of the story and... Continue Reading →

Before and Beyond the Grave

  The other day I was thinking about how short life is, particularly compared to the incomprehensible stretch of eternity. James the half-brother of the Lord said, “…yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” (James... Continue Reading →

Looking for a Sign-or a Symbol

  Some time ago, I was sitting in church listening to a Nigerian missionary my church supports and his sermon made mention of mathematics. At times my thoughts can begin very far from where they end, but this time it produced a valuable realization about God's visibility in the natural world. In order to establish... Continue Reading →

Real Rewards

It’s been some time since the site has been up and I've still been slow to update it. Events of life, particularly the bigger ones tend to interrupt the flow of things and I certainly am experiencing a lot of new and interesting things. Every day has become filled with small adventures, because of our... Continue Reading →

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